Hello! I’m Deya.

In May 2022 I moved to the Bay Area and completed my very first hike in Mt Diablo State Park. That was when I realised I’m a born hiker, and that the time was right to put myself out there and learn all the outdoorsy things I’ve always wanted to learn but never could. As a writer, I love documenting journeys and helping people through journeys of their own. So I created this blog to take you folks along as I hit the trails, enter the water, get behind the wheel (and on wheels) and live the most exploratory life I can.

What will you find here?

I’m just starting out, so the nature of the content might evolve as I evolve. In general, there’ll be hiking tips, personal experiences, sartorial and culinary recs (appropriate for the trail) and musings on the exploratory life. There’ll be some trail guides and some gear reviews too. I’ll be focusing on the first-person perspective rather than the typical listicle deal - keeping it honest and taking you ‘behind the scenes’ of how and why I do what I do. So if I say something worked/didn’t work, I’ll tell you exactly why I think so - with the understanding that your experience with it might be different. :)

At present, I post every Saturday and every other Wednesday. Posts will range between 500 and 2000 words, and occasionally longer if I write more in-depth guides.

Still with me?

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Thanks for being here! I hope I can convince you to stay. :)

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